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Store Credits

Find out about gift cards, store credits and how to redeem them.

When does my store credit expire?

Your store credit usually expires within one year of being issued. In some cases such as Gift Cards, they do not expire.

How do I redeem store credit?

At checkout there is a place for you to redeem your gift card.  Depending on what you purchase, there are two possible places to insert your gift card code. Mobile Device:. Desktop:.

What products does the store credit apply to?

These credits apply to ALL products on our website. The only limitation is they cannot be used for a recurring charge. For example, it cannot be used for an active subscription that has already been running past the first month. If you already have a

Where can I see my balance on my store credit?

There are two places you can view your store credit.  If you already have the store credit code you can view how much balance you have here:. 1.) Enter in your code. 2.) Click "See your store cre

I received store credit from Customer Support, how can I access this store credit?

When you get issued store credit, you can access it on your account page.  If you don't have the code yet, you can check this by accessing your account page (must be logged in):. 1.) Click on 'My Store Credit'. 2.) Vi