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Overall questions regarding Munch Addict

What is Munch Addict?

Munch Addict is a unique service that curates, sources and delivers you snacks every month while also maintaining one of the most competitively priced snack stores on the web. First and foremost we are snack addicts ourselves. When we are not packing

How do I join Munch Addict?

If you're looking for a monthly surprise of tasty treats every month, check out our “Get Started” page to start building your snack adventure. Select your box size and pick out your subscription. Don’t forget to load up your box with add-ons! Once yo

How many snacks will I get if I purchase a snack box and what kind?

Munch Addict Snack Box. A mix of delicious snacks, candy, chips, gummy’s and more! Its’ the perfect combo to try new interesting snacks from all countries. We pick out different snacks every month. We split that between snack food (chips, crackers, c

Can I choose which snacks I receive?

We currently do not offer any customization of boxes.  The whole point of Munch Addict is to provide a tasting of the most unique and delicious snacks, so we like the surprise factor behind our boxes. If you want the chance to choose what you get, we

What if I have a food allergy?

At this time, we do not offer any customization for dietary or allergy needs.  When you receive your box, most items will have ingredients on them. If they do not, we suggest you do not eat it or find it on our snack store to see if there are ingredi

How can I contact Munch Addict?

We're very responsive on Facebook Messenger and you can also email us at [email protected] for any inquiry.